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10th-14th May 2011, Wimbledon Studio Theatre, directed by Ian Ward

Based on the Alfred Hitchcock short, what happens when a famous mystery writer is murdered, goes to Heaven and discovers that not even St. Michael knows who murdered him.

There’s only one answer: Saint Michael sends him back to earth to relive the past twenty-four hours of his life in order to solve the murder before it is committed. The trouble is, everyone seems to have a motive.

Will he just sit there and let it happen a second time? Will the murderer get cold feet? Or has the famous mystery writer finally have met his match?


Alex – Humphrey Waterhouse
Muriel – Lizzie Walker
Isabelle – Debbie Fowler
Michael – Paul Conway
Annie – Anna Parker
Harry – Jeff Graves
Polly – Katy Wey
Andy – Nick Martlew
Viv – Laura Hymers
George – Rich Gladwell
Flo – Angela Ellis


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