10th-14th May 2011, Wimbledon Studio Theatre, directed by Ian Ward

Based on the Alfred Hitchcock short, what happens when a famous mystery writer is murdered, goes to Heaven and discovers that not even St. Michael knows who murdered him.

There’s only one answer: Saint Michael sends him back to earth to relive the past twenty-four hours of his life in order to solve the murder before it is committed. The trouble is, everyone seems to have a motive.

Will he just sit there and let it happen a second time? Will the murderer get cold feet? Or has the famous mystery writer finally have met his match?

All was revealed in the Carlton Dramatic Society's production of C.B. Gilford's Whodunit? at the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, 10th-14th May 2011.


Alex – Humphrey Waterhouse
Muriel – Lizzie Walker
Isabelle – Debbie Fowler
Michael – Paul Conway
Annie – Anna Parker
Harry – Jeff Graves
Polly – Katy Wey
Andy – Nick Martlew
Viv – Laura Hymers
George – Rich Gladwell
Flo – Angela Ellis