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Time of My Life

15th-19th November 2016 at New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, directed by Eve Manghani


Despite the jolly title, and the characters gabbling away 19 to the dozen in an Italian restaurant, disaster lies no farther than a brandy glass away…

Gerry Stratton (senior) organises a family dinner with his two sons Glyn and Adam to celebrate his wife’s birthday. Glyn is smooth talking but unreliable, with a long-suffering wife, Stephanie. Adam, (the arty one), brings his new girlfriend, Maureen along, a punk hairdresser.

The action flits between past, present and future; it’s both a birthday party and a wake, as family skeletons intrude on the happy domestic scene.

At times hilarious, at times tragic, Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘Time of My Life’ will make you laugh, cry and ponder what ‘living in the moment’ actually means.

With a hugely talented cast, director and crew, Carlton guarantees that this will be a hit.


Gerry Stratton: Mike Norman Smith   

Laura Stratton: Pamela Warren 

Glyn Stratton: David Hall

Stephanie Stratton: Annette Piper 

Adam Stratton: Jeff Graves  

Maureen: Beth Lockyer 

Calvinu: Richard Vaughan Payne 

Tuto/Bengie/Dinka: Robin Clifford

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