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The Winter's Tale directed by Val Foskett

13-17 November 2018 at New Wimbledon Studio Theatre

The story of a man who has everything – respect, position, a loving wife, a son, a good friend - but throws it all away in a fit of insane jealousy.


The disaster he brings upon himself seems insurmountable, but in a magical reverse, happiness is restored – or is it? This is a tragic-comedy, with an Elizabethan Del Boy, some upwardly mobile yokels and several crowned heads, young lovers and an oracle no less.


Leontes - David Hall

Hermione - Elke Desanghere

Polixenes - Leoncio Hernandez

Camillo - Richard Vaughan-Payne

Paulina - Susan Marinakis

Perdita - Rebecca Herera

Florizel - Patrick Briône

Antigonus - Paul White

Autolycus - Adriano Howlett

Rogero - Andy Perch

Cleomenes - Joseph Dillon

Dian - Alison Raffan

Archidamas/ Mariner - James Grayston

Old Shepherd - Mike Norman-Smith

Young Shepherd/ Gaoler - James Risk

Anna/ Mopsa - Eve Costello

Emilia/ Dorcas - Dilnaaz Kazi

Nursemaid - Cheryl Bloomfield

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