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The Unrehearsables

14-18 November 2017 at New Wimbledon Studio Theatre

Ever been to a show and thought the actors were making it up as they go along? Well this time we are!


Carlton Theatre Group presents The Unrehearsables! A comedy improvisation show full of sketches and challenges that puts you, the audience in the driving seat. 


You get to decide what the two teams of actors say, do and even sing!


Every night is guaranteed to be a totally unique experience. but all promise to be packed with slap stick, surrealism and silliness.


So if you want a night of fun and laughter, grab yourself a ticket, bring along your daftest suggestions and be a part of the crazy world that is The Unrehearsables!


The Players

Adam Ballis

Richard Broughton

Raoul de Bunsen

Graham Hennigan

Emma Miles

Manisha Patel

Michael Sanderson

Dawn Spragg

Phoebe Spragg

Katy Wey 


The Host

Ian Ward


The Crew - AKA Tech Monsters

Sharon Czudak

David Hall

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