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21st-25th May 2013, New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, Directed by Kristen McGorry

Join Maliphant and his dark circus for an evening of magic, mind-reading and mystery, where we will attempt to answer the question that has raged for centuries...


Two friends sit on opposing sides of the debate. The world famous magician and medium-debunker Houdini, and creator of Sherlock Holmes and spiritualist, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Together, they embark upon an experiment.

One last séance to conjure up evidence of something beyond the veil. But what begins as parlour tricks and sideshow illusion, soon takes a more sinister turn. Something wicked this way comes and it will not rest until the players have the proofs they seek.


Maliphant – Geoff Cooper

Dark – Allana Taylor

Shepherd - Richard Broughton
Chorus: Raoul DeBunsen, Louisa Court, Richard Broughton
Houdini – Richard Gladwell
Arthur Conan Doyle – Richard Vaughan-Payne
Helena – Jo Zuckunft
Bess Houdini - Toni Conyers
Lady Conan Doyle – Debbie Fowler
Davidson - Gary Cain
Mrs Holden - Bev Davies
Helena Understudy - Lizzie Walker



Director - Kristen McGorry

Assistant Director - Jeff Graves

Lights - Jeff Graves

Sound - Ian Ward

Stage Manager - Jackie Chapman



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