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3rd-6th August 2011, Tara Arts Theatre, directed by Richard Vaughan-Payne

Peter Shaffer’s genius as a playwright, best known for his West End and film hits Equus and Amadeus, is also displayed in these two delightful bitter-sweet comedies set in 1960s London.


In The Private Ear, the reclusive Bob entertains the shy Doreen to dinner in his bed-sit, assisted (he thinks) by his friend Ted. The evening does not turn out the way he hopes it might. Charles thinks his young wife Belinda is being unfaithful, and in The Public Eye he employs Julian, a very eccentric private detective, to spy on her. Charles does not get what he bargains for, either.



The Private Ear

Ted – Keith Regan

Bob – Andrew Candish

Doreen – Christiane Ganteaume


The Public Eye

Julian Christoforou – Jason Rodericks

Charles Sidley – Tony Parkin

Belinda Sidley – Cathy Stacey



Director/Producer – Richard Vaughan-Payne

Stage Manager – Alison Raffan

Assistant Stage Manager – Kate Edwards

Designer and Costumes – Karen Frances

Props Maker – Julian Vince

PR and Marketing – Louise Blackman

Sound and Lights – Simon Harris, Val Foskett

Stage Crew – Gary Knight, Dylan Geoghegan

Graphic Design – Jeremy Wray, Elina Grigoriou


Special Thanks to Kathie, Mehmet, Jonathan and All at Tara



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