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​10th-14th July 2012, New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, Directed by Claire Hoult

Harry Horner (the clue’s in the name) feigns impotence in order to get his wicked way with the ‘respectable’ ladies of town. Meanwhile, Jack Pinchwife is driving himself mad with jealousy and at the same time giving his young country wife all sorts of deliciously saucy ideas.  And to complete this Restoration battle of the sexes, the virtuous Alithea is engaged to Sparkish, an over-dressed twit with an inflated idea of his own wit and no idea how to deal with women. With enough double entendres to make a Carry On film blush sexual politics have never been so saucy.


Mr Horner (A hip cat) - Jean-Pierre Agius

Mr Quentin Quack (a confirmed bachelor) – James Grayston

Boy (a boy) – Robert Hall

Sir Jasper Fidget (a big daddy) – Richard Vaughan-Payne

Lady Fidget (his wife, a keen chick) – Anna Parker

Mistress Dainty Fidget (his sister, a keen chick) – Andrea Matsell

Mr Harcourt (a cool cat) – Keith Leon

Mr Dorilant (another cool cat) – Hugh Bassett

Mr Sparkish (a wet rag) – Andrew Candish

Mr Pinchwife (a square) – Richard Broughton

Mrs Margery Pinchwife (his hot chick country wife) – Phay Roberts

Mistress Alithea Pinchwife (his hot chick sister) – Ellie Levy

Mistress Squeamish (friend of Lady and Mistress Fidget, another keen chick) – Sarah Colah

Lucy (Alithea’s sex pot maid) – Kate Edwards

Old Lady Squeamish (grandmother to Mistress Squeamish, a big momma) – Val Foskett



Producer - Jeff Graves
Stage Manager - Jackie Creagh Chapman
Costumes - Karen Smith
Lighting - Mark Summers   
Sound - Simon Harris   
Music Arrangement - Jeremy Wray
Graphic design - Kristen McGorry, Nic Moseley, Ian Ward
Set design - Claire Pigott
Publicity - Louise Blackman
Thanks to:  Kathie Arundell, Annie Berry, Bindy Hall, David Hall, Kate Rogers, Springers Dramatic Society, Andrew Vaughan-Payne

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