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11th-15th November 2014 New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, Directed by Katy Wey


On the eve of World War One, Lord Kitchener came up with the idea that if groups of lads could serve together in the same battalion, they'd be more likely to join up, and as he predicted, boys and men from villages all over the country jumped at the chance to fulfil their dreams of high adventure. But of course history tells us that this dream all too quickly turned into a nightmare.

The Accrington Pals is based on these true events and tells the story of the men who went away and the women left behind who's fortunes of war aren't always what you'd expect.



May - Sally Arden
Tom - Tom Claridge
Eva - Emma Miles
Ralph - Keith Leon
Annie - Sharon Czudak
Arthur - Mark Stroud
Sarah - Netty Piper
Bertha - Eden Vansittart
Reggie - James Risk
Rivers - Richard Vaughan Payne


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