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6th-10th May 2014 New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, Directed by Keith Leon


Swimming with Sharks is a satirical, black comedy about 
the film industry, with touches of violence. It centres around Guy, a naïve young man, having recently graduated from film school and landed his dream job working as an Assistant for Buddy Ackerman, a Senior Producer at Keystone Pictures in Hollywood. 

Guy has ambitions of being a screenwriter one 
day and hopes this job will fast track him to the top. Guy 
soon realises that Buddy is the boss from hell - from getting his coffee and dry cleaning to getting him laid, Guy has to satisfy Buddy's every sadistic whim... but Guy eventually gets lured in by the Hollywood prestige and if he wants to be that illustrious screenwriter he dreams of, then he is going to have to play by Buddy's rules - and Buddy plays dirty!



Buddy - Jean-Pierre Agius

Guy - Edward Cooper

Dawn - Toni Conyers

Rex - Richard Broughton

Jack - Nilesh Pandey

Cyrus - David Hall

Daniel - Geraint Owen Evans

Mitzy - Allana Taylor



Director - Keith Leon

Stage Manager - Jackie Chapman

Assistant Stage Manager - Sherrine Macleod-Brown

Lighting - Matthew Farquhar

Sound & Marketing - Kristen McGorry

Programme - Keith Leon & Helen Dawson

Mentors - Jeff Graves & Katy Wey

Accent Coach - Mike Tierney


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