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She Stoops to Conquer directed by Patrick Briône

14th-18th May 2019 at Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre

Charles Marlow has been invited to visit the Hardcastles’ country home in order to consider engagement to Mr Hardcastle’s daughter Kate.


On the way, however, Marlow and his companion Hastings are waylaid by Kate’s step-brother Tony, a practical joker who convinces them that the Hardcastle house is, in fact, a country inn where they will need to spend the night before continuing on their journey.


Confusion reigns as Marlow takes Mr Hardcastle for a presumptuous innkeeper and Kate for the local barmaid, an error she happily plays along with to trick him into discarding his shy and formal public demeanour and revealing the rogue beneath.

Kate’s cousin Constance, meanwhile, plots to elope with Hastings but first needs to steal her jewels out from under the nose of her controlling aunt, Mrs Hardcastle. Will the mistakes of a night be uncovered before it’s too late?


A laugh-packed comedy of very English manners and mistakes.


Mr Hardcastle - David Hall

Mrs Hardcastle - Sharon Czudak

Kate Hardcastle - Rachel Walter

Charles Marlow - Liam Mortell

Tony Lumpkin - Dan Rhodes

Constance Neville - Rebecca Herrera

George Hastings - Andrew Perch

Sir Charles Marlow/Diggory - Richard Vaughan-Payne

Roger/Tom Twist - Joseph Dillon

Pimple/Little Jenny - Clare Brown

Mabel/Jack Slang - Kim Ellis

Jeremy/Landlord - Alexander Hall

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