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31st July-3rd August 2013, New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, Directed by Val Foskett

Sir Walter Elliot (baronet) demands good matches for his 3 daughters, but Anne's choice of the poor naval officer Frederick Wentworth won't do, and she is persuaded to break off their engagement.  7 years later Sir Walter's extravagance has put the family in debt, so they have to rent out their family estate to Admiral Croft, brother in law to the now-rich Captain Wentworth. Anne and Wentworth meet again, but is it too late for them?

Afflicted by ill-health and agonised by memories of a lost love, Jane Austen writes her final completed novel, and her own story.


Jane/Anne – Bev Davies

Lady Russell – Kate Rogers

Elizabeth Elliot – Steph Sibley

Mary Musgrove, nee Elliot – Naomi Sasse

Louisa Musgrove – Allana Taylor

Mrs Penelope Clay – Alison Walters

Mrs Smith – Alison Raffan

Mrs Musgrove – Jane Lewis

Captain Wentworth – David Hall

Sir Walter Elliot – James Grayston

Mr Shepherd – Raoul de Bunsen

Charles Musgrove – Raoul de Bunsen

Admiral Croft – Mike Norman-Smith

Captain James Benwick – Richard Broughton

William Walter Elliot – Mark Stroud

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