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PANDEMONIUM written and directed by Kristen McGorry

24th-28th November New Wimbledon Studio Theatre


"It’s cheap TV completely lacking in any educational or sociological value. Throw in wannabee models willing to do anything and mild cannibalism and we have a winner.”


Director's notes:


Nick Asten is Head of Commissioning for the world's biggest media corporation, Milton Global. Until he is passed over for promotion and decides to steall the broadcaster's biggest show. Cast down into the Post Room - the ninth level of corporate hello - he sets off on an epic journey to win his job back. But what lengths will he go to? Why is he being followed by a seven-year old child trapped in a man's body? And who is the mysterious Bub?


Pandemonium is an original, satirical musical. Borrowing from Paradise Lost, Wall Street, The Wizard of Oz and Glee, and featuring a fantastic 80s soundtrack.



Nick Astan - Richard Gladwell
Suzy (Nick’s Secretary) - Toni Conyers
Hannah/Abigail/Davinda – Katy Wey
Preston/Philip/George/Dr John – Patrick Brione
Adam Mann (The HR Director) – Richard Brighton
Eva Mann (The Marketing Director and Adam’s wife) - Peri Kennedy
Gerald Orville Dawson – Mike Norman Smith
Barman/Mo Lock/Percy – Phil Wilcox
Andrea/Stacey - Louisa Court
Nigel – Geoff Cooper
Dave the Security Guard – Dominic Hatje
Steve the Security Guard – Neil Hellard
Bub - Richard Vaughan-Payne
Emma - Sally Arden
Mona/ Verbena – Nicky Henderson
Bea Lyle/ Persephone – Mandy Doig-Moore
Cynthia Pain – Sharon Czudak
Morty - Ian Ward 
Chardonnay/Esther – Dawn Spragg



Assistant Director - Jean-Pierre Agius

Director/Publicity - Kristen McGorry

Producer/Stage Manager – Jackie Chapman

Musical Director - Kasia Slav

Technical and Lighting designer – Matthew Farquhar

Sound Designer – Daniel Bowditch

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