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Director – Jeff Graves

Assistant Director – Katy Wey

Stage Manager – Kate Edwards

Assistant to the Stage Manager – Alexandra Harris

Sound & Sound Effects  – Ian Ward

Lights – Katy Wey

Lighting Design – Mark Summers

Set – Mike Tierney

Costume Designer – Karen Frances

Poster & Programme Design – Kristen McGorry

Stage Props – Simon Harris/Mike Tierney


15th-19th November 2011, New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, directed by Jeff Graves

Set in a state mental institution in America, our hero is Randle P McMurphy, a loving, fighting, gambling life-affirming brawler who swaggers into the hospital, rallies the other patients and challenges the dictatorship of Nurse Ratched.

But this defiance, which starts as a sport, soon turns into a grim struggle; an all-out war between authority and free will, ending in a shocking climax. Although the play is on the surface humorous, there is an underlying grimness which ultimately makes for a very disturbing but memorable evening.


McMurphy - Graham Kellas
Nurse Ratched - Kristen McGorry
Harding - Geoff Cooper
Billy - Christian Elliott
Cheswick - Paul Conway
Scanlon - Andrew Candish
Martini - Jean-Pierre Agius
Chief Bromden - Joshua Kynaston
Ruckly - Gary Knight
Nurse Flinn - Lizzie Walker
Aide Warren - David Hall
Aide Williams - Keith Leon
Aide Turkle - James Grayston
Dr Spivey - Tony Parkin
Candy - Katy Wey/Debbie Fowler
Sandra - Angela Ellis


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