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NORTHANGER ABBEY directed by Val Foskett

11th-15th August New Wimbledon Studio Theatre


"Our pleasures in the world are always to be paid for."

Jane Austen's parody on the Gothic novel is brilliantly brought to life in this witty and inventive stage version.


Young and naive Catherine Morland finds her views on life and romance challenged when she is invited to stay at the Tilney's Estate: Northanger Abbey. She is expecting to find a haunted house, straight from the Gothic novels she loves so much.


A misbelief that results in her making some spectacular blunders. Can there be a happy ending for our hapless heroine?



Catherine Morland - Danielle Matsell

Isabella Thorpe - Katie Matsell 

Mrs Allen - Andrea Matsell

Eleanor Tilney - Elke Desanghere

Mrs Morland - Alison Raffan

Dorothy/Alice - Cecilia Vereb

Henry Tilney - Jonathan Sketchley

John Thorpe - Dominic Hatje 

James Morland - Jonah Richert

General Tilney - James Grayston

Frederick Tilney/Bridegroom - Mario Yiannakou



Director - Val Foskett

Stage Manager - Jackie Chapman

Assistant Stage Manager - Cheryl Bloomfield

Lighting Design - Matthew Farquhar

Lighting Operation - Allana Taylor & Matthew Farquhar

Sound Design - Ian Ward

Sound Operation - Allana Taylor & Matthew Farquhar

Set Construction - Mike Tierney

Choreography - Danielle Matsell

Costumes - The Miller Centre, Caterham

Poster Design & publicity - Kristen McGorryLDire

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