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5th-9th August Colour House Theatre , Directed by Allana Taylor


The Cagebirds are quite content completely absorbed in their own petty interests and in placating the "Mistress" who takes care of them. Then a 'Wild One' is thrust in among them. She challenges their contentment and urges them to escape, to break out of the room and find freedom. In this extraordinary play, a room, a cage, people and captive birdsall become confused until a dramatic climax in which we suddenly see reality. Will they fly away or will it all end in tears?


Can You Hear the Music? is a highly original and thought-provoking play. Everyone has their dreams, whether it be for applause from an audience; long, cool iced drinks; safety from the world or a life among the titled rich. And this is no exception for the six mice living in the loft. Their dreams are conjured up by music as each hears a different tune played by an invisible Piper and each has to answer his call until only one is left. After all if one hadn't been left, there'd have been nobody left to pass the story on ...




The Cagebirds

The Wild One - Katie Matsell

The Mistress - Kate Rogers

The Great Guzzle - Sherrine Macleod-Brown

The Medicated Gloom - Val Foskett

The Mirror-Eyed Gazer - Sharon Czudak

The Regular Thump - Peri Kennedy

The Constant Twitting - Naomi Sasse

The Long-Tongued Gossip - Cathy Stacey



Can You Hear the Music?

Pricklemouse - J-P Agius

Fussmouse - Holly Parker

Gigglemouse - Peri Kennedy

Eldermouse - Mike Norman Smith

Housemouse - Mark Shroud

Tattymouse - James Grayston





Director - Allana Taylor

Assistant Director - Kristen McGorry

Stage Manager - Jackie Chapman

Lighting & Sound - Matthew Farquhar

Composer - Simon Herd

Set Designer - Mike Tierney


Special Thanks to Jeff Graves and the Carlton Committee for all their help and support.

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