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13th-17th April 2010, New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, Directed by Tyler Pierreson

Terence Rattigan's exquisite dark comedy on love, nostalgia, greed and facade. Meet the young, not-so-bright things of the roaring 1920’s, whose drunken escapades were chronicled by Evelyn Waugh, in his outrageously funny novels. Joan and David Scott- Fowler’s Mayfair flat is the main social hotspot for their eccentric and carefree friends. Twelve years on and as the unstoppable socialites continue to age disgracefully, David’s life is saved by his cousins young fiance and when she offers him a chance to start his life again, he ends up losing much more than he bargained for.

"After the Dance" was Rattigan's 1939 follow-up to his spectacularly successful debut three years earlier, the frothy "French Without Tears".

David Scott-Fowler - Jim Mannering
Peter Scott-Fowler - Christian Elliott
John Reid - Geoff Cooper
Joan Scott-Fowler - Verity Lester
Helen Banner - Clare Martin
Julia Browne - Annette Piper
Williams - Mike Norman-Smith
Dr George Banner - Daniel Wright
Lawrence Walters - Richard Vaughan-Payne
Arthur Power - Raoul de Bunsen
Moya Lexington - Jane Cooper
Miss Potter - Kate Rogers

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