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17th-21st November 2009, New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, Directed by Ian Ward

Middle-aged Bob is drooling over the young secretary Pippa. Lee from Graphics is trying it on with anything with a pulse. Andy and Jo are perhaps getting too close for comfort. Patty just can't control her feet whilst Gavin, the boss, lies passed out on the floor. The office party at Chapman and Howard is no different to any other. Nothing can compare to the shame of the morning after as questions are answered - will the photocopier screen ever see so much “action”? Will that wine stain come out of the carpet? And who exactly did the boss go home with last night?


Pippa - Sophie Flowers
Bob - Roberto Prestoni
Patty - Sophie McCallum
Andy - Jim Mannering
Lee - Christian Elliott
Gavin - Geoff Cooper
Jo - Naomi Nicholson


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