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7th-11th November 2006, Wimbledon Studio Theatre, Directed by Ian Ward

After the sell-out success of their last two plays Carlton Dramatic Society return with their adaptation of this fast-moving and entertaining comedy that brings to the stage all the vigour of life at a Comprehensive school.

A drama teacher struggles to put on an end of term play and has to push against disruptive classes, cynical colleagues and unhelpful caretakers. This loud, cheery comedy has a poignant end, which underlines its pointed political thrust.



David Hall  - Basford
Neil Kelly - Doug
Kirsty Collins - Gail
Naomi Nicholson - Hobby
Rich Gladwell - Nixon

Nick Young - Oggy
Anna Parker - Parry
Ellie Levy - Prime

Andrew Candish - Salty
Tori Heggs - Whitham


Jeff Graves - Assistant to the Director

Cindy Graves  - Producer
Louisa Court - Stage Manager
Kristen McGorry - Artwork, Lighting & Programme
Jo Forest-Jones - Sound
Matthew Petty - Webpage & Programme

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