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15th-17th & 19th August 2006, Colourhouse Theatre, Directed by Debbie Fowler

Outside Edge - a perfect summer's evening comedy. Love or hate cricket it doesn't matter because it's all about the characters: Roger desperately tries to assemble a team to play against BR Yeading East,;Bob dodges his ex and his wife Ginnie, who's busy soaking up the sun and the Valium,;Alex and his 'hysterical' nymphet girlfriend, Sharon; Dennis the ageing Casanova; Maggie 'mothers' her tiny but lethal Kevin and last but by no means least, Roger's wife Miriam, the long-suffering champion tea-maker ... that is, until she uncovers his little 'secret'...



Roger - Mike Norman-Smith
Miriam - Kate Rogers
Kevin - Andrew Candish
Maggie - Ruth Brooks
Bob - Jeff Graves
Ginnie - Annette Piper
Alex - Jason Rodericks
Sharon - Louisa Court
Denis - James Grayston


Producer - Jeff Graves

Stage Manager - Cindy Graves

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