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The Flint Street Nativity written by Tim Firth & directed by Ian Ward

Tuesday 14th - Saturday 18th November

Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre, SW19 1QG

Flint Street school's class of seven-year-olds are about to perform their Nativity play in front of their families. Their overworked and stressed teacher, Missiz Horrocks, tries, largely in vain, to keep the children in check whilst the role of Mary is coveted by more than just the girl cast and the Innkeeper goes off script to liven up Joseph and Mary's traditional query on whether there is room at the Inn. The audience of parents then take centre stage and we see that the kids are more than just a chip off the old block as the children literally become their parents. There is even room for several Christmas carols whose lyrics might not be those traditionally sung at that time of year...


Angel - Susan Marinakis

Donkey - Naomi Sasse

Gabriel - Heidi Bartholomew

Herod/Joseph - Mike Norman-Smith

Innkeeper - David Brown

Mary - Katy Wey

Narrator - Michael Turner

Shepherd - Louisa Court

Star - Andrew Thompson

Wise Frankincense - Rob Smith

Wise Gold - Zoe Spencer


Director - Ian Ward

Musical Director - Zoe Spencer

Stage Manager - Natalie Romero

Assistant Stage Managers - Patrick Briône & Joe Dillon

Pianist 'Massive Newt' - Alan Harding

Lighting Operator - Jackie Chapman

Sound Operators - Harry Cowper & Immi Wignall

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