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Out of Control Six Short Original Plays

Saturday 6th November 2021

Mansel Road Centre, Wimbledon, SW19 4AA

Out of Control - Poster.png

Out of Control presents six brand new short plays following on from Carlton's writing course held late in 2020. A variety of comedy and drama but all presenting situations where control is fleeting and changeable.

Multitasking written by Mike Tierney

Directed by Rachel Walter

Mr Drysdale - David Hall

Ms Buncefield - Kim Ellis

Gutless? written by DP Gulson

Directed by Dan Rhodes

A - Rachel Walter

B - Amelia Eatough

Touch Not The Cat written by Val Foskett

Directed by Kim Ellis

Bill - Richard Vaughan-Payne

Dora - Susanna Statton

Joan - Alison Raffan

God's Work written by Jil Hall

Directed by Ana Gonzalez

Jess - Amelia Eatough

Michael - Phil Wilcox

Library Booking written by Mike Norman-Smith

Directed by Tony Parkin

Miss Drudge - Carmen Caruso

Mr Clink - Robert Smith

Willy Windblow - Dan Rhodes

An Interview Without Coffee written by Richard Vaughan-Payne

Directed by David Hall

Vernon - Tony Parkin

Vicky - Maggie Coffee

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