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Who wouldn't want to be infinitely, disgustingly, obscenely rich? What's the worst that can happen when you chop down a tree? It can't hurt to grant your son a favour - can it? Sometimes getting what you want is the last thing you need...

'Myths are the earliest forms of science.

Shape shifting, category shattering, taboo busting - magical transformations abound in this reimagining of Greek myths. Metamorphoses, a series of vignettes based on tales written by Ovid two thousand years ago, contains a retelling of some of the all-time greats of Greek myth. These tales are re-worked into an interwoven piece of agile storytelling that is in turn funny, shocking and deeply moving. In each story the characters undergo a dramatic change - a metamorphosis - caused by love, betrayal or hope. Well-known fables such as King Midas's wish for the golden touch and Orpheus's rescue of his wife from the dead, mingle with less familiar myths exploring very contemporary ideas of love, loss and the transforming power of stories themselves. All examine change: what we want, what we think we want and what happens when we get it. 


'It has been said that the myth is a public dream, dreams are private myths.'

Meddling gods and irresistible desires bring about transformations of every kind so that no one leaves quite as they were.

Metamorphoses written by Mary Zimmerman & directed by Claire Hoult

Tuesday 15th - Saturday 19th August

Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre, SW19 1QG



Patrick Briône

Marshall Camden

Toni Conyers

Sharon Czudak

Joe Dillon (in absentia)

Amber Hollowday

Thiago Jones

Susan Marinakis

Rachel Walter

Immi Wignall

Director - Claire Hoult

Stage Manager - Jackie Chapman

Producer - Dan Rhodes

Pool Miracles - Tom Jones

Original music and choreography - Coby Brown

Sound Design - Rob Smith

Lighting Operators - Aggie Bos, Finn Sharman & Coby Brown

Sound Operator - Harry Cowper

Photography - Finn Sharman

Production Team - Kathie Arundell, Joe Dillon, David Hall & Zoe Spyvee

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