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Anne Boleyn written by Howard Brenton & directed by Susanna Statton

Tuesday 16th - Saturday 20th May

Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre, SW19 1QG

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In 1603, the flamboyant King James I of England is going through the dead Queen Elizabeth's possessions and finds evidence that her mother, Anne Boleyn, was, in fact, a religious conspirator. The second wife of Henry VIII was driven by some of the most dangerous ideas of her day. James is intrigued, even obsessed and needs to know more about her.

As James connects with Anne's ghost, so do we. The story unfolds of her as a brilliant, brave and even, at times, reckless young woman who is confident in her sexuality, her politics and her beliefs. Her marriage to Henry, her presence at court and her death changed the course of history for England forever. Is it any wonder that, as she did for James, this feisty and playful Anne has become a bit of a cult figure for many?

Howard Brenton's Anne Boleyn attempts to challenge and dispel the traditional view of her found in all our history books. He cleverly uses hilarious wit to offset the dark culture of mistrust and betrayal. Brenton captures the brutal jeopardy that pervades the Tudor court and yet fives us moments of gentle tenderness. He also creates for us some well defined and entertaining characterisations of some of the most powerful people of the time.


Anne Boleyn - Imogen Gibb

Henry VIII - Nathan Raymond

Thomas Cromwell - David Hall

Cardinal Wolsey - Guy Robarts

Lady Rochford - Emma Bugg

Lady Celia - Morgan Black

Jane Seymour - Catherine Roche

Simpkin - Rob Smith

Sloop - Ana González

William Tyndale - Dan Pabla

James I - Dan Rhodes

Robert Cecil - Patrick Briône

George Villiers - Xander Hall

Parrot - Joe Dillon

Dean Lancelot Andrewes - Richard Vaughan-Payne

Dr. John Reynolds - Richard Broughton

Henry Barrow - Andy Perch


Director - Susanna Statton

Stage Manager - Jackie Chapman

Producer - Rachel Walter

Lighting Design - Ben Clare

Sound Design - Rob Smith

Lighting Operator - Mark Stroud

Sound Operators - Harry Cowper & Siân Marie

Photography - Ben Copping

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