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6th-10th June 2006, Wimbledon Studio Theatre, Directed by Michael Ahmad

Brecht's parable play on Hitler's ascendancy was written during three short weeks in Finland at the height of the war in Europe in March 1941. The author was in exile awaiting permission to enter the United States. Each of the main characters is an allegorical representation of a historical character, so for example Givola the horticulturist represents Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister for propaganda (see below). Hitler and his ministers are transformed into bunch of small time gangsters as they charm and threaten (alternatively and in equal measure) their way to political and military power. This transformation is the primary vehicle for Brecht's satire. Looking at the Third Reich as a criminal organization is both shocking and comic. It was also a brave act for Brecht to put a contemporary figure such as Hitler on the stage, especially given that at the time it was by no means certain that the Allies would be victorious; America was still six months from entering the war.


​Arturo Ui (Gang Leader) - Matthew Petty

Ernesto Roma (Ui's Lieutenant) - Rich Gladwell

Emanuelle Giri (a gangster) - Dave Eastman

Givola (the horticultural gangster) - Kristen McGorry

Old Dogsborough - Mike Norman-Smith

Young Dogsborough – Ali Bushell

Ignatius Dullfeet (Dogsborough's Butler) - James Grayston

Betty Dullfeet (Wife of Ignatius Dullfeet) – Kirsty Collins

Clark (a member of the Cauliflower Trust) – Val Foskett

Flake (a member of the Cauliflower Trust) – Kirsty Collins

Butcher  (a member of the Cauliflower Trust) – Katy Wey

Mulberry (a member of the Cauliflower Trust) – Ali Bushell

Caruther (a member of the Cauliflower Trust) – Neil Kelly

Sheet (a shipyard owner) – Matt Halfpenny

Bowl (Sheet's Accountant) – Ali Bushell

Young Inna (Roma's familiar) – Katy Wey

O'Casey (an investigator) – Mat Halfpenny

The Judge - Kathie Arundell

The Prosecutor – Neil Kelly

A Woman – Katy Wey

Defendant Fish – Ali Bushell

Ragg (a reporter on The Star) – Jason Rodericks

The Defence Counsel – Jane Richards

Goodwill (a member of the City Council) – Jennifer Owusu-Akyaw

Gaffles (a member of the City Council) – Jane Richards

An Actor – Neil Kelly

Hook (a vegetable dealer) – Jason Rodericks

Vegetable Dealer – Ali Bushell

Vegetable Dealer – Katy Wey

Vegetable Dealer - Neil Kelly

Vegetable Dealer – Jennifer Owusu-Akyaw

Vegetable Dealer - Jane Richards

Vegetable Dealer – Louisa Court

Vegetable Dealer – Alison Raffan

Vegetable Dealer – Jo Forest-Jones

James Greenwool (a singing gunman) – Matt Halfpenny

Gunperson – Katy Wey

Gunperson – Ali Bushell

Gunperson – Neil Kelly

Gunperson – Jason Rodericks

The Doctor – Jennifer Owusu-Akyaw

Dockdaisy – Louisa Court



Producer - Joanne Crabtree

Stage Manager - Ellie Levy
Music ~ Michael Ahmad
Lighting / Sound - Simon Harris
Backstage - Ellie Gillian
Costumes - Ellie Levy
Makeup - Kristen McGorry
Publicity - Mike Norman-Smith
Artwork - Matthew Petty
Photography - Kristen McGorry
Programme - Ellie Levy
Front of House - Ruth Brooks, Jane Lewis, Mehmet Izbudak, Ian Ward, Julia Derbyshire, James Derbyshire, Joanne Crabtree, Jethro Crabb

Web Page - Matthew Petty


GARY SEDGWICK for sound production

RICHARD FOSKETT for the use of his van
THE BILL for the use of their props
W. A. TRUELOVE AND SONS LTD for providing the coffin


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